About Profound Thinkers


I’m Angela. This page exists with the purpose of sharing my experiences, scientific research, art, aviation… with you. For most of my life I’ve had clear I want to be a part of the U.S Air Force and now it is finally happening. After having graduated high school this June 2018, I had sworn into the Air Force in April. Although my career goals involve aircraft and aerospace engineering, I will be starting as Security Forces Airman. I’m grateful for the job I was assigned with because I know that the experience and learning more about how to interact as a Defender will give me expertise and will teach me a lot.

You can contact me on Instagram, I’m active on a daily basis there. I also have a Youtube channel :


… where I post videos on my  Air Force journey, science/ physics, my visits to space centers ,etc…

Enjoy all the content I have to offer, and if you have any suggestions/questions feel free to contact me.